Tony Hawk surprises young fan with skateboard gift

Tony Hawk

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk is helping to make one young fan’s dreams come true thanks to a viral video appeal from a delivery driver in Georgia.

A FedEx employee called Mikail recently shared the story of his meeting with a boy named Cooper on TikTok, explaining how the kid had flagged down his truck and politely asked for his help in mailing his battered skateboard to Hawk.

“He goes, ‘Hey sir, do you know the pro skater Tony Hawk?’,” Mikail shared. “I was like, ‘Yeah, I know who he is,’ and he goes, ‘Can you mail this (skateboard) to him…? Get this to Tony Hawk for me. Tell him it’s from Cooper.’

“I just thought it was adorable. His mum comes outside and kinda winks and was like, ‘Yeah, make sure you get it to Tony Hawk!'”

Mikail decided to use the social media platform to make a public appeal in the hopes of having word reach Hawk himself, so the 52-year-old could perhaps record a video message for young Cooper.

“Obviously I can’t mail it to Tony Hawk, I don’t know Tony Hawk’s address,” the driver explained, “but the least I could do is put it out there in the universe, so Tony, if you see this, Cooper in Suwanee, Georgia is a big fan.

“Maybe you could give him a shout out and the next time I drive by his house, I’ll show him the video and it’ll probably make his whole life.”

The request worked, and Hawk himself responded to Mikail via TikTok, revealing he would cover the cost of having Cooper’s board couriered to his home, while he also wanted to send a gift back to his superfan, whom he addressed in a personalized video.

In it, he said, “Hey Cooper, what’s up? It’s Tony Hawk and I just wanna say thank you so much for the skateboard, it’s on its way to my house already. As a thank you gift, I’m gonna send you my skateboard, this one right here that I’m riding. Thanks buddy, I hope to meet you sometime.”

Hawk captioned the post, “Tell Cooper I got him!!! And I’ll trade him for a new board.”

The touching exchange was posted on the Comments By Celebs Instagram page, prompting a number of stars to express their joy at the sweet news.

“There is good in the world,” commented Gwyneth Paltrow, while Busy Philipps added, “This is so sweet of Tony Hawk but also so amazing of the Fed Ex worker to take the time to put it out into the world. Made me tear up.”