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Tony Parker Saved Eva Longoria from Paris Hilton Lifestyle

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is thrilled she met boyfriend Tony Parker before she became really famous, because she could have easily become the next Paris Hilton.

The star met her basketball beau just as her hit TV series was taking off and credits him for not letting success go to her head.

She explains, “I love that I met Tony when I met him because everything was starting to get crazy and I could have been one of those Hollywood girls that partied.

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“It was like a magnet and he just grounded me before it got (crazy).”

Longoria believes that life in the Hollywood fast lane can be enticing and could have easily seen herself moving in that direction if she hadn’t met Parker.

She says, “I can see where you can get caught up in it. You think it’s work, ‘I have to go out, I have to be seen, I have to be on every red carpet.'”

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