5 Great Celebrity/Athlete Interactions

Spike Lee, New York KnicksSplash News
Celebrities are fans like us, except they can do things that we can’t: like have a better chance at interacting with our favorite players. 

1. Danny DeVito/Nick Punto

The diminutive DeVito went to a Dodgers game in 2013 while wearing a Punto jersey. He then saw Punto hit a home run and was able to talk with Punto during the game.

2.  Spike Lee/Reggie Miller

During those heated New York Knicks/Indiana Pacers playoff games in the ’90s, Spike Lee and Miller, the superstar gunner for the Pacers, had some hilarious back-and forths during the games. Such moments included Miller’s infamous choke sign at the Knicks’ bench and Lee.

3. Jack Nicholson/Almost Everyone in the NBA

From Jack, the Lakers’ #1 fan, laughing hysterically at a player’s mohawk to giving a rival play the evil eye, few celebs rule courtside like him.

4. Kobe Bryant/Chris Rock

This moment was great for not what happened, but what didn’t happen: Chris Rock was trying to shoot the breeze with Kobe during a timeout and Bryant was so locked in on the game, he ignored the comedian. Maybe he gave Rock fodder for his next act.


5. Cameron Diaz/Alex Rodriguez

This wasn’t exactly like the others, but the moment caught on film with Cameron Diaz feeding her then boyfriend popcorn during the Packers/Steelers Super Bowl was so…corny.


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