WATCH– Adorable Kids Convince Daniel Radcliffe To Give Away ‘Harry Potter’s Magical Secrets

Daniel Radcliffe, Enterainment Weekly, 070616
Entertainment Weekly

It’s been five years since Daniel Radcliffe wielded Harry Potter’s wand, but he will always be the Boy Who Lived to us. Recently, while promoting his new film Swiss Army Man the suave Brit stopped by Entertainment Weekly and took some time out to chat with some of his youngest Potter fans. The kiddos ages four to eleven-years-old, convinced Dan Rad to reveal his favorite magical power. Radcliffe said, “…I’d probably just make a spell to make myself be able to run super fast like The Flash or be able to have Spider-Man’s powers. Some of my magical powers would just involve myself giving myself other powers of superheroes, I think it’s probably fair to say.”


Also, though 7-year old Olive wasn’t quite able to get Dan Rad to tell us how he got his Firebolt to fly, 7-year-old Robert was able to get Dan Rad to divulge what his favorite Harry Potter creature is. It’s the The Hungarian Horntail from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Watch the incredibly cute video here, and be sure to look out for Beckett and his super adorable Potter spectacles.