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Watch Vinny Guadagnino’s Anti-Bullying PSA

Jersey Shore is usually the best place to see silly disagreements escalate into full-blown fights (we all have no problem remembering how Mike got a concussion from running himself into a wall after he got into an argument with Ronnie, and how Ronnie KOed someone out on the boardwalk in the show’s very first season). But with the increase in teenagers choosing to take their own lives as a means of escaping bullies in school, one housemate in particular has decided to use his famed fist pumping status to get young students to stop targeting each other, and it’s none other than Vinny Guadagnino. Vinny teamed up with DoSomething.org and filmed the PSA (below) to encourage students to stick up for the people they see who are being bullied because a confrontation will end after just 10 seconds if someone is there to interrupt it. So check out Vinny’s commercial, and be amazed that someone from this is actually capable of caring about something much bigger than themselves.

Source: Youtube

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