12 Weird Foreign Celebrity Commercials That’ll Make You LOL

If you think your job is wacky then get ready to do some reassessing. Of course we don’t expect you to feel much pity for the rich and the famous, but many of them have taken crazy gigs on the side in order to get some extra money. These gigs include weird commercials that would have never seen the light of day in America before the internet. But now luckily many of the cooky, foreign commercials have made it online and you can see what many beloved actors have done to make an extra buck. Get ready to be confused.

1. Nicholas Cage

Chances are you won’t understand what’s going on on this video. We want to let you know that that’s okay.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

So, this is what it sounds like when Arnold speaks Japanese.

3. Bruce Willis

We want Bruce Willis to fight off our annoying calls for us!

4. Ben Stiller

We have to admit, Ben has been in some weirder stuff but it’s still interesting to watch.

5. Britney Spears

Reminisce a little of what the old Britney was like with this cute commercial.

6. Tommy Lee Jones

Can we have an entire movie with Tommy Lee Jones playing this character, please?

7. Hugh Laurie

Oh Hugh, you are always so clever.

8. Leonardo Dicaprio

In case you forgot that Leo was a ’90s heart throb, we decided to include this.

9. John Travolta

We demand more commercials with John Travolta’s dancing!

10. Dennis Hopper

If you have ANY idea of what’s going on in the commercial below, please tell us!

11. Hulk Hogan

Who wouldn’t fall asleep to Hulk’s heavenly voice?

12. Nicholas Cage pt. 2

Because Nicholas Cage is just a gem, we had to include him twice on the list.

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