15 Celebrities Who Are More Obsessed With ‘Game of Thrones’ Than You

Game of Thrones has pretty much reached phenomenon status so it’s no surprise that many celebrities also geek out over it. Some have dressed up as their favorite characters. Others love talking about it in interviews. Many have tweeted their reactions to new episodes. But when you’re rich and famous sometimes your fandom goes to another level. Celebrities has gone as far as to buy props from the set, visited the set, and tried to get on the show. So which celebrities are the biggest fans of the HBO show? Here are 15 that can’t get enough of it!

1. Madonna


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2. Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell

3. Elijah Wood


The actor is really into the show. He visited the set and took pictures on the Iron Throne. He also said at Comic Con that he wants Sansa or Khaleesi to take the throne!

4. Anna Kendrick

5. Sarah Hyland

6. Amanda Peet


The actress was married to the show’s co-creator, David Benioff so she became obsessed with it! The two are sadly divorcing, but the actress joked on Jimmy Kimmel that their marriage ended thanks to a certain character’s death.

7. Ryan Reynolds


Blake Lively basically outed her husband for going crazy over the show. “My husband, I’m outing him and I shouldn’t,” she told E! “But he became obsessed with [Game of Thrones]. He did everything he could to pirate episodes that hadn’t even been shot yet. So that was a little tough point in our marriage. Now we’re through it because there’s a new season coming out.”

8. Troian Bellisario

9. Ed Sheeran


This singer might be on the show! “There were talks ages ago of me being an extra, which could have been cool. But every time they shoot it’s the time I tour in the UK,” the singer told The Sun. “But I’ve got that time off this year, so I’m going to hound them.”

10. Nina Dobrev

11. Beyonce


What do you get for a present for a GOT fan? Dragon eggs of course! “Apparently Jay Z bought [a khaleesi dragon egg] for Beyoncé, or something. I don’t know,” Emilia Clarke told Harper’s Bazaar. “They are really, really, really expensive. And they are really f***ing heavy and serious works of art.”

12. Ike Barinholtz


The actor had fun dressing up as Brienne and had his wife dress up as her prisoner for Halloween. “She’s not as into it as I am,” Barinholtz told Vulture. “She was like, ‘Are you sure? Will people get it?’ and I said, ‘Absolutely, they will.'”

13 & 14. Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen

15. Zachary Levi