Hollywood’s Most Lovable Characters?

What is it about annoying, disgusting or downright disturbing men that we tend to love? In the real world — day to day activities such as going to work, feeding our children, loving our husbands/wives — we wouldn’t like the characters that Hollywood has us so in love with. By tacking on a couple funny lines and few private moments, these men have successfully pulled on our heart strings for more then just a couple seasons.

Michael Scott on The Office

Michael Scott, The OfficeNBC

This man would and sometimes should be sued for sexual harassment. Sure, his character is loveable at times but if we had a boss who said ‘That’s what she said,’ and made jokes about weight, we would be in an uproar.  It’s not just that he’s so offensive, sometimes he’s just too annoying to overlook!

Kenny Powers on East Bound and Down

Kenny Powers, East Bound and DownWENN

He’s racist, xenophobic, and he left his girlfriend at a gas station! Yet he has made it to his 4th season and if they hadn’t already announced the series was ending soon, it could conceivably keep going even longer.

Dexter on Dexter

Dexter, DexterShowtime

Sure, he kills bad guys. But he doesn’t just kill them. He dismembers them to appease his own homicidal appetite. If Dexter was put in a real life court, there wouldn’t be a single sympathetic member in the jury.

Walter White on Breaking Bad

Walter, Breaking BadWENN.com

He makes and sells meth. All other reasons aside, he makes and sells meth.

Don Draper on Mad Men

Mad Men, Don DraperWENN.com 

Aside from being the best ad man in NYC, he cheats on his wife with almost every female that comes into his office. He lies to the people closest to him, he only looks out for himself. Still, his seasons keep coming.