6 Reasons Why We’re Longing For The Days Of Speidi

It’s insane to think it’s been six years since The Hills aired their final episode and our favorite crew of over privileged and slightly dysfunctional 20-somethings went on to make the most of their reality fame. While some of the cast went on to build mini-business empires, becoming the face of brands, and picking up television hosting gigs, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt spiraled out of control, blew through their MTV millions and now basically live in seclusion at a family owned home in Santa Barbara, California. It’s disheartening and you can’t help but feel bad for the couple who got waaaay too caught up in the bright lights of Hollywood, especially when there are so many reasons we wish they still had “it” couple status in Tinseltown.

1. Their public obsession with each other.

Spencer and Heidi were so into each other, watching their PDA every week gave us all hope we’d find our own perfect match.

2. Their over confidence.


Sure they came off as kind of cocky, but being able to amass the kind of fame and money they did by just being confident in who they were was pretty impressive.

3. Spencer’s healing crystal obsession. 


Near the end of The Hills, Spencer had a new found penchant for healing crystals, even blowing $70,000 on a Peruvian crystal, which he had lasers installed in. It just added to the entertainment factor.

4. Speidi was always at the forefront of setting social media trends before social media was even really a thing. 


Ummm hello…taking selfies out in public with a digital camera before “selfie” was part of everyone’s slang.

5. Watching Heidi check Spencer when he was getting too emotionally aggressive.


Spencer had a tendency to fly off the handle about pretty insignificant stuff, but Heidi was always the one person to put him in his place. To watch her wield her magic relationship wand of power over him was truly inspiring.

6.  We’re missing out on their major life moments!


Speidi used to be on the cover of every entertainment rag mag in the biz. We knew the who, what, where, when and why of them at all times. Now it’s rare to hear a peep from the couple.