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William Shatner Death Riddle to Be Exposed by Homicide Investigator

A British homicide investigator is planning to ruin William Shatner‘s 75th birthday celebrations in March by going public with sensational claims about the death of the actor’s wife Nerine Kidd.

Peter Rydyn is planning to stage a press conference in Los Angeles on Shatner‘s birthday, during which he’ll ask police to re-open the file on Kidd’s apparent suicide after presenting them with new evidence that suggests foul play.

Rydyn claims he has come across new information related to Kidd’s 1999 death—and now he’s challenging Shatner with damning evidence he hopes will put the Star Trek actor in court.

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Kidd’s death was listed as an accidental drowning—she was found face down in her swimming pool by her husband upon his return from a business trip.

Paramedics pronounced her dead at the scene. Her death was ruled an accident due to neck trauma, and an autopsy revealed that she had consumed three times California’s legal blood alcohol content for driving.

Rydyn alleges Shatner may have had a hand in his wife’s death—a claim the actor is quick to deny—and maintains he holds evidence that will prove the Boston Legal star lied about his whereabouts on the day his wife died.

The Brit says, “I’ve invited the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) to the press conference on March 22 in the hope that the information I will present will trigger the case.

“I can’t go into too much information because I’m waiting to go big with this at the press conference.”

To make matters even worse for Shatner, Rydyn plans to stage his press conference from the original Star Trek set, from where the actor commanded the Starship Enterprise. The set is on show at the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles.

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Rydyn says, “I wanted to hold this press conference somewhere special and when a friend told me the old Star Trek set is intact I thought it would be the perfect place.”

Shatner, who was unaware of the press conference or of Rydyn’s investigation, is appalled by the Brit’s plans to drag up the past.

The actor’s assistant, Chris Carley, says, “I’ve spoken to Bill about this and he says it’s outrageous.”

Shatner has refused to comment on whether he plans to attend the press conference or challenge Rydyn’s claims.

Shatner‘s two-year marriage to Kidd was riddled with problems. Their 1997 wedding was postponed after Kidd was arrested for drunk driving.

A month before their first anniversary, Shatner filed for divorce, prompting his wife to check into booze rehab the Betty Ford Clinic. The couple then reconciled.

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