20 Signs That Your Obsession With Adele Is Stronger Than Ever

When Adele took a three-year break from music after a string of huge hits, it felt like there was a gaping hole in our lives. Now that she’s back, we never want her to go away again. Did you buy 25 the instant it was released? Did you play “Hello” on repeat with a box of tissues and a glass of wine? Here’s how you know you’re officially obsessed with Adele.

1. You pride yourself on knowing her before “Rolling in the Deep.”
Yeah, that was her breakthrough song — but you’ve known her since the “Daydreamer” days and you’re proud of it.
2. When Adele says this… you know it should actually be the other way around.
Sorry, Beyhive. The real queen is Adele.
3. You’ve tried to master her flawless makeup.
But sadly, your cat-eye and red lip combo can never compare.
4. When she laughs, you can’t help but laugh with her.

That gorgeous smile and infectious laugh are all we need in the world.

5. And when she cries, you feel it deep in your soul.


Ugh, all the feels.

6. This is you, in the mirror, pretending to be in a music video.


Listen, we’ve all been there. Just make sure the shades are shut to avoid being seen by your neighbors.

7. When people get you down, you channel your inner spirit animal.


Haters? What haters? #girlbye

8. You feel in your heart that literally every lyric she’s ever written was made for you.


9. When she wins an award, you know it’s well-deserved.


Let’s be real though, she should win all the awards. Ever.

10. And when someone else wins an award…



11. This was your pillow, and you’re not ashamed.

If Katy’s not ashamed, and you’re not ashamed, there is no shame.

12. Yes her music is the best for a good cry, but it’s also good for other stuff, too.


You saucy minx, you. Adele would be proud.

13. This is also you.

14. Your first thoughts in the morning.

15. You take Adele’s words as wisdom to live life by.


She is so, so wise. How is she not even 30 years old?!

16. You admire her no-holds-barred honesty.


17. When people even say the word ‘diet’ around you:


18. You are so glad she will never resort to this:


19. She keeps it real about old friends, and you need that.


20. You basically think you are Adele.


Same. Except the singer part.