5 Young Brit Stars with Famous Parents

Lily Collins, Pride Prejudice & ZombiesWENN

It’s great to have talent and a pretty face. Even better, if your parents are bona fide British A-listers. The Brit Brat Pack of models, actors and – ooh, that double-threat: models-slash-actors – are making waves in Hollywood and dominating the pages of top fashion magazines. Who’s to say that just because you’re Lily Collins and your dad helped invent prog rock, you’re on the fast track to a movie career (well, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, anyway). Is it any wonder that Max Irons inherited some acting chops from his Oscar-winning father, Jeremy (along with those killer cheekbones?). Here are our top five young Brits with fame in the old family tree.

GALLERY: 5 Young Brit Stars With Famous Parents

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