Zendaya: ‘I feel very lucky to be part of Euphoria’


Zendaya is “grateful” for her role in Euphoria as it’s helped her “get better as an artist”.

The star appears as recovering drug addict Rue Bennett in the HBO teen drama series, and told Entertainment Tonight at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards she “feels very lucky” to be a part of the show.

“I just feel like to be able to tell those stories. It felt like something special as I was doing it, and I am grateful that people have been able to connect to it the way they have,” she said.

Reflecting on the responsibility of taking on such a complex character, The Greatest Showman actress confessed she tries to shut out outside opinions in order to connect with the role.

“It’s a personal thing,” she explained. “If I try to take the world out of it, it’s not about proving anything to the world, but it’s really about getting better as an artist and being more in touch with where I can go and how I can do it.

She added: “I just try to keep it internal, because that’s a much happier place to work from when you are working really just to prove to yourself that you can do it.”