League of Legends Appears on Jeopardy!

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League of Legends
League of Legends

Classic game show Jeopardy! featured a question on the game of League of Legends this week during their College Championship edition. Full-time undergraduate college students with no prior degrees were quizzed on categories such as Straight Talk, Who’s Who in the Bible, and Organizations. During the Double Jeopardy! round, one contestant chose the StubHub Subcultures category and was met with the following question:

Although it may be surprising to see League of Legends appear as a Jeopardy! question, keep in mind that this is the College Championship edition so the questions are skewed to a younger audience. It would be much more interesting to see the show reference the game on a regular Jeopardy! game. Though it does leave one to wonder… with League of Legends appearing as a question on a popular game show, how long will it be until Jeopardy! starts referencing SKT T1 Faker or other famous figures in the esports world?