Overwatch League Team Spots May Cost as Much as $15 Million

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Blizzard Entertainment

According to Sports Business Journal, Overwatch League is on schedule to launch by September and is already reaching out to potential buyers. The League, which was announced back in November with the help of Serena Williams, will establish an ecosystem for professional Overwatch competition that will give gamers a path to a career in pro gaming. However, the cost of buying a team slot in the coming Overwatch League could be valued in the millions. In an interview with Nate Nanzer, Overwatch League Commissioner, Sports Business Journal reported:

“Initially, multiple sources said, top Activision Blizzard executives hoped to solicit multiple bids in key markets, and believed a franchise could sell for $2 million to $5 million in smaller markets and three times that in Los Angeles, a focal point of esports activity. Nanzer declined to address the cost or process for awarding franchises.”

While the cost of a team slot may seem high a first, remember that a franchise in the Overwatch League could potentially mean a share of merchandising and broadcasting rights, which could translate to huge sources of revenue down the line. Still, several esports owners maintain that the cost of the team slots is too high and that Blizzard is asking too much.