See The Best League of Legends Cosplayers from Worlds

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Set to the League of Legends championship song “Ignite” by Zedd and filmed by Beat Down Boogie, the 2016 Worlds Cosplay Music Video celebrates some of the most talented fans of Summoner’s Rift.

Highlights include a Jinx who has the sadistic smile down cold, a frolicking Fiddlesticks, and a Yasuo with washboard abs. My favorite moment has to be the group hug between Azir, Bard, and Fiddlesticks at the 1:00 mark. On the other hand, the towering giant of a Thresh at 1:37 is also insanely cool.

Famous faces such as Jessica Nigri and Jimmy Wong also make appearances hanging out with fans. If you’re curious about the cosplayers featured in the video, Riot has provided links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages in the video’s description.