The Most Popular Pokemon In Every State


Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile game in U.S. history. At its peak, just under 21 million users logged onto the game to try an catch them all. With such a large number of users from all over the states, there’s sure to be a slew of online searches. Seriously, we want to know how to catch our favorites, and usually, any answer worth knowing is a quick Google search away.

Since Pokemon Go’s launch in early July, people from all over the country have been Googling how to find their favorite Pokemon. DeCluttr, a service that lets you sell old video games, DVDs and CDs, took these statistics, organized them and found out exactly which state was trying to catch which Pokemon the most.

The most popular Pokemon might be a bit underwhelming. Pikachu ranks in first, having been the top searched Pokemon in six different states. Pikachu is the most widely recognized in the series, and he’s actually the franchise’s mascot, so there’s no surprise here. The only thing shocking is that more states weren’t searching for him.

Eevee comes in second, having been the top searched Pokemon in five different states. Eevee’s evolutions are notoriously some of the strongest and easiest to obtain in Pokemon Go. It’s definitely not a secret considering how many players are searching for the normal-type fox.

Surprisingly, Ditto comes in third, having been the top searched Pokemon in four different states. This is kind of surprising because we’re not really sure how Ditto would function in a battle in Pokemon Go. In the regular Pokemon series, it’s not all that great of a Pokemon. Basically, if you use Ditto in a regular gym battle, you’re probably going to lose. It’s pretty cute though.

Check out the map below and find out what your state is searching for.

pokemon map

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