These Pokemon Pancakes Are A Gamer’s Dream Breakfast

These aren’t your average silver dollar pancakes — these are Pokemon Go pancakes! This pancake artist just had to cook them all.

These Pokemon pancakes are the creation of Japanese chef Keisuke Inagaki. Inagaki is a veteran chef who has been working at his restaurant La Ricetta in Zama City, Japan for 18 years. He started making pancakes five years ago after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Since then, he’s come up with a bunch of different creations based on his love of anime, but none more suited to iPhone gamers than these awesome Pokemon treats.

Checkout some of the awesome shapes he’s made. You can’t tell what they are until he flips them over — it’s like magic!

This Eevee is perfectly illustrated.


A little, happy Jigglypuff.

pancake 2

A perfect little Bulbasaur

pancake 3

Pika, Pika Pancake!

pika pancake

How good do these look?