This Real, Functioning Poke Ball Lets You Play Pokemon Go Like A Real Pokemon Master


How many of you were disappointed when you realized Pokemon Go meant walking around and swiping your screen to catch them all? One guy thought he should play the game by throwing his phone to catch his first Charmander.

Don’t be this guy.

Pokemon Go isn’t Tinder (unless you’re into this weird Pokemon subculture. Ugh). We should be throwing, not swiping, and now we can!

A group of software engineers and designers at Gamer Reality created a real, functioning Poke Ball for Pokemon Go.

The Poke Ball, which doubles as a phone charger, is made from a soft rubberized foam that’s durable enough to withstand being thrown and whatever surface that pidgy is currently hopping around on. Let’s just hope you’re not throwing it into the street when any cars are coming.

The technology behind the actual Poke Ball is pretty complex. They’ve used the same technology in SnapChat’s face detection feature, a two-way detection from Bluetooth and data funneled in from an accelerometer on the ball. How that works to make you able to catch ’em all? We have no idea, but the developers said it’s basically the same way you’d use a remote control for your favorite console. Okay, then!

Check it out in motion:


Gamer Reality is currently raising funds to manufacture the Poke Ball on Kickstarter. They’re over halfway to their goal, but they’ve already ready created the device, so if they don’t reach their goal, maybe they’ll make it anyway.

Find out more about the real life Poke Ball in the video below.



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