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61st Annual Golden Globe Awards: On the Red Carpet

It was a red carpet explosion of diamonds, designer frocks, cleavage, tuxes and legions of journalists screaming for Nicole, Jennifer, Charlize, Uma and J-Lo, among others, and Hollywood.com caught a smattering of chatter as the biggest stars of the last year descended on the Golden Globes.

Despite some limo issues getting to the Beverly Hilton, 24‘s Elisha Cuthbert was one of the first stars to hit the red carpet, looking like a pretty pink prom queen in Monique Lhullier. Elisha was overwhelmed by the convergence of celebrities from the big and small screens. “Movies and TV all together, it’s kind of like having dinner with all the stars. ‘Hi, Brad Pitt.’ It’s wild,” she said.

“I had a bunch of people who knew how to do hair and makeup come to my house and do it for me, which is a privilege of being on TV.”

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“We had a last minute freak-out,” said CSI‘s Jorja Fox. “We all met around the corner at the Four Seasons today, so the freak out happened there. There were millions of people meeting at the Four Seasons today, and trying to find each other and the limousines have to go away, they can’t stay with you. So we’d find each other and then the cars would be gone, and then we’d lose the guys and then the cars would be back. So that was the drama of the afternoon.”

Another star with transportation issues was Jack Black, who insisted that “our limo caught on fire. I’m a little late.”

Monk star Tony Shaloub got semi-serious when asked to opine on why his obsessive-compulsive character has struck such a nerve among viewers of the show: “I think because the character’s sort of universal, this sort of tragic-comic hero that people relate to,” said Shaloub. “He’s got all of these idiosyncrasies and problems that everybody has to a certain degree.”

Meanwhile, Randy Gervais–star of the BBC hit The Office–refused to take his day in the sun seriously.”It’s the strangest thing–people know who I am. Well, not many. About one in 25. But that’s better odds than I thought. I think that I’m the least famous, least important man on this red carpet…it’s nice to be invited [but] I think Matt LeBlanc’s going to win, and I think Arrested Development‘s probably going to win. But I’m very happy for them. I didn’t expect to even make it, so everything’s a bonus.”When asked what was the most “Hollywood” thing he’d done today, Gervais was stumped.”Oh God. I don’t think I’ve done anything that Hollywood. I think talk to people who shouted my name. That’s about it.”

Nominee Maria Bello, up for her brilliant turn in The Cooler, was absolutely stunning in a silver-white Verdad gown designed especially for her.”It was truly a fantastic day. It’s a big day for me,” said Maria. “You know how much I love this movie. I’m just so thrilled for this little movie of ours!” But she was surprised that she was feeling no nerves. “I’m strangely very calm and in the moment. I feel really great and really good to be here.”

As Brittany Murphy sashayed by, revealing that Dolce & Gabbanna was the designer duo behind her shimmery gown, some of the male stars got into the high-fashion act as well. Elijah Wood was perhaps the best-turned out gent of the day in a distinctive green suit he said he found in a vintage shop.

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We didn’t get Nicole Kidman’s designer info on her flapper-esque style, but it met with the approval of her Cold Mountain director Anthony Minghella. “She looked pretty beautiful as she always does, and there’s Peter Jackson. He looks pretty good too.” Minghella, too, denied feeling any butterflies in his stomach. “I’m feeling absolutely fine! Because whatever we feel and whatever we think, it’s all been decided and eight nominations–how can you complain about that? We’ve done great” We wanted to know if Minghella prepared a speech–he did not–and would he wait until his category passed before indulging in the Globes’ notorious open bar. “I’m not a drinker but I am having a tap of champagne here,” he said, sipping from a mini-bottle of Moet & Chandon served on the red carpet, “so maybe I won’t be able to stand up.”

Director Clint Eastwood was also pleased about the show’s liberal open bar” Oh yeah, I enjoy that!” while Quentin Tarantino was praising his Kill Bill star Uma Thurman for helping create the film’s lead, The Bride. “That’s why it says at the end based on the character created by Q and U. We came up with the character.” He also was pleased to be sporting a very Reservoir Dogs-style black suit “as per usual!”

But it was Frances Conroy who summed up the day’s red carpet experience. “It’s just nice to see people. Oh, look, see, there’s Barbra Streisand-…. There are people here you don’t get to see every day, so it’s very exciting. And everyone looks lovely in their outfits. It’s like being in Oz. We’re all in Oz right now.”

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