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Biggest Britney Fan Ever!

[IMG:L]Fan of Britney Spears? Ready for her comeback? Oh boy, so are we!

Luckily for us, we’ve got one of Britney’s biggest fans, Jess, who runs WorldofBritney.com, to share her firsthand look at Britney’s performance on Good Morning America this morning. Check out Jess’ video coverage below, plus you can see her candid shots of the event!

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Here’s Jess’ account on seeing her idol before live: 

“I have been a huge fan of Britney’s since 1999, and today, in the audience at the taping of Good Morning America, I was lucky enough to witness Britney’s first live performance since her rocky 2007 MTV Video Music Awards appearance.

She nailed it this time; her performance was amazing. Her moves were perfect, she looked fantastic, and she sang her heart out. Brit’s bode is back, and she’s moving like she did back in her “Slave” days.

If there is one thing Britney is known for, besides her chaotic life, it’s her amazing ability to put on a show. The whole circus atmosphere was a nice touch, with the flames and Britney’s costume. You really felt like you were at the circus. At the start of it, when she got on top of the cart, the crowd went crazy in excitement! Even though she only performed two tracks, she did it justice.

Circus is going to be her biggest album to date , and I’m so happy I got to watch the first performance to promote it.

Of course, the best part was being able to share an hour with her on her birthday. Britney is one of the strongest people in the entertainment business. She has survived all the highs and lows thrown at her, which makes us true blue fans love her even more.

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At just 27, Britney has topped the world and has achieved more than people twice her age, so to be able to see her with her family –especially her adorable baby boys on her birthday — was the greatest thing a fan like me could ever ask for.

And p.s.: The cutest thing I have ever seen was Britney’s young son, Jayden James, hitting the person in front of him with the “Happy Birthday, Britney Spears” paddle!”

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