A$AP Rocky testifies in assault trial


A$AP Rocky has given testimony in an assault case against him in a Swedish court on Thursday (August 1, 2019).

The 30-year-old rapper, real name Rakim Mayers, is facing two years in jail in Sweden over allegations he and his entourage attacked 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari on June 30, 2019. They are accused of punching and kicking the teenager and hitting him with a bottle.

According to USA Today reporter Kim Hjelmgaard, Rocky told the court about the “scary” incident.

“Everything seemed to be going fine, going well,” the Wild for the Night rapper said, adding he and his entourage were downloading an app to use electric scooters when they were approached by two men, one of whom was Jafari, who were told to go away by his security guard.

“Next thing I know, my security guard was lifting one of them (Jafari),” he recalled, adding their behavior was “really weird” and it “got a little scary.

“We didn’t want to provoke these guys, we just wanted to get away from them … We didn’t want no problems … Jafari was persistent: ‘Come on, come on’,” he insisted. “He was fearless, his eyes were all weird, he came up to a big bodyguard and asked us questions he knew we couldn’t answer. He looked like he was on drugs.”

The Praise the Lord hitmaker also addressed the glass bottles he was accused of attacking Jafari with, admitting he saw some lying on the street and he and his entourage picked them up so that the teenager would not use them against them.

When Jafari’s lawyer implied Rocky deliberately lured the alleged victim to the small, quiet street, he responded: “We didn’t know where we were, we just wanted to get away.”

“You got to realize my life is very unique and particular,” he shared, adding he’s previously been stabbed in the face and that his home has been robbed at gun point twice. “That’s why I have security.”

Rocky revealed he considered pressing charges against his aggressors himself, but didn’t because he didn’t know what impact it would have on his tour dates. He also said he tried to ask passers by to call the police because he didn’t know the number.

The prosecutor went on to question the musician about his mobile phone, including video footage and text messages contained on it. However, he directed prosecutors to question his assistant, his manager and his security guard, and added the video he put out was intended to “counter” TMZ footage.

“I have spent a month in Sweden. This is my 5th or 6th time here,” Rocky said as his testimony continued. “I have seen the most beautiful architecture. And the not so nice things … People have said I could be compensated … What I want is justice. I want my name to be cleared. Justice for all of us.”

The alleged victim Jafari is expected to take the stand on Thursday.

The case is expected to end on Friday.