Aaron Paul Reveals How He Pulled Off The Best Birthday Surprise Ever For His Wife

Aaron Paul, Lauren Parseklan

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul still can’t believe he managed to pull off the most amazing birthday surprise for his wife after inviting her best pals to join them on holiday.

Footage of Lauren Parsekian‘s utter shock as her pals sneaked up behind her at an airport in Hong Kong went viral on her birthday, and now her romantic husband has revealed her friends were on the same flight.

“They were in the back of the plane and she had no idea that they were back there,” Aaron tells chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, “so when she was sleeping I would sneak in the back and have drinks with them.”

But he admits he feared the surprise would not got down well as his wife started talking about their vacation together: “She kept saying how excited she was to go on a trip, just her and I, and I was like, ‘Oh no, this is gonna backfire on me!'” Paul laughs.

Following the get together in Hong Kong, Lauren, Aaron and her friends flew on to Thailand, where they celebrated her 30th birthday.