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Aaron Paul: ‘I can’t stop humming Seal’

Aaron Paul can’t stop humming Seal song Kiss from a Rose since meeting his wife, as it’s always stuck in her head.
The Breaking Bad actor married Lauren Parsekian in 2013 after meeting her at music festival Coachella and even their wedding was a musical affair, with performances from Foster the People and John Mayer. Going through his taste in tunes during an interview with NME magazine, Aaron explained the influence his spouse has had on him.
“Anything by Journey is a go-to karaoke song for me,” he grinned. “My wife loves doing Kiss from a Rose by Seal. That song’s been stuck in her head for four years. I’m not kidding. It’s become part of her daily thing. She hums it around the house and she’s even got me and all of her friends doing it!”
Another singer who Aaron is used to hearing at home is Elvis Presley, as his mother was a big fan of the late star. The actor also recalled the first show he ever attended, which was laid on by New Kids On The Block, featuring actor Donnie Wahlberg.
“It’s kind of embarrassing but I went to this show with my older sister… I was 12 years old and the only reason I went was so I could hang out with one of her friends who I had a crush on. Paula was so hot! It was New Kids On The Block with MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. Now that’s a heavy trio!” he laughed.
Looking ahead, Aaron has gone as far as planning what song he wants to be played at his funeral. Though a sad track, the handsome star has opted for Imagine by John Lennon as he’s a big fan of the late Beatles musician.
“His view on life was such an inspiration to so many people,” Aaron said of Lennon. “I was in New York last year when (his widow) Yoko Ono set up this thing in Central Park to create the biggest peace sign in the world with humans. They shot it from above in a helicopter. I got a day off filming just so I could be a part of it.”

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