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Aaron Sorkin hired immigration lawyer to help poker queen score a seat at film screening

Screenwriter-turned-moviemaker Aaron Sorkin had to call on the help of an immigration lawyer so the subject of his directorial debut could see the film in Canada.
High-stakes poker planner Molly Bloom was not allowed to visit the Toronto International Film Festival after pleading guilty to running illegal gambling rings for celebrities and the wealthy for a decade, and Sorkin had to make a few extra arrangements to make sure she could see a screening of Molly’s Game.
“We offered her to see it in a private screening room, but the family decided to see it at the Toronto Film Festival and see it with an audience for the first time just as moviegoers,” he explains.
“It wasn’t that easy because she’s not allowed in Canada! If you’re found guilty of a federal crime you’re not allowed in Canada, so I hired an immigration lawyer in Toronto who was able to get Molly a 48-hour pass. She did manage to make it in and out of Canada without committing any crimes. She and her family are fantastic supporters of the film.”
Jessica Chastain plays Bloom in the film.

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