Tom Ford Explains Why He Cut Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Nude Scene

Aaron Taylor Johnson

Director Tom Ford cut Golden Globes winner Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s full-frontal nude scenes in Nocturnal Animals because he feared they’d overshadow the movie.

Nocturnal Animals, Aaron Taylor Johnson
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The Brit stripped down for his role as deranged killer Ray Marcus in the thriller, but his most revealing scenes were edited out of the completed movie.

“He showed a lot more than we used,” Ford tells E! News. “But that would have become what everyone only talked about.”

Film fans still got to see a good bit of the actor’s body in scenes in Nocturnal Animals – and his wife Sam appreciated the need for her man to get naked.

The Fifty Shades of Grey director said, “I actually love that scene because I know how Aaron felt doing that scene and the nervousness. I think it’s one of the most cinematically great scenes I’ve seen in a while.”

Taylor-Johnson won gold at the Globes on Sunday night (08Jan17), when he picked up a Best Supporting Actor award.