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Abe Vigoda’s daughter upset about Oscars snub

Abe Vigoda’s daughter has blasted Oscars’ bosses for not including her father in the ceremony’s In Memoriam segment.
Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl performed a cover of The Beatles’ Blackbird to pay tribute to late industry figures like Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Omar Sharif, James Horner, and David Bowie, as their images flashed across the Academy Awards screen at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (28Feb16).
However, The Godfather star Vigoda, who died last month (Jan16), was not featured and his daughter insists it was a huge mistake to leave him out of the segment.
“Last night the Oscars dismayed many and cheated Abe Vigoda by not paying tribute to the immense professional energies and talents that he brought to the industry,” Carol Vigoda tells TMZ.com. “Let’s not forget the personal and family sacrifices that were willingly made to achieve that essential devotion. The Oscars fell short in many ways and as my father Abe Vigoda said, the Oscars have earned, ‘one demerit’.”
Carol is not the only family member to voice her disappointment at those snubbed by the Academy; Juliette Lewis took to her Twitter.com page to express her sadness that her dad, Geoffrey, who died last April (15), aged 79, had not been included.
“I know @TheAcademy didn’t mean to overlook my dad #GeoffreyLewis in the memorium (sic). who was beloved by so many,” she wrote. “My dad #GeoffreyLewis was beloved and contributed over 220 roles in film and tv. @TheAcademy maybe you can remember to include him nxt (next) yr (year).”
She added, “@TheAcademy It was an obvious oversite (sic) not mentioning my father #GeoffreyLewis beloved by all. At the end of the day its just a tv show.”
Another notable name absent from the In Memoriam segment was Uggie, the dog who made a name for himself in 2011 Oscar-winning movie The Artist. Uggie died in August (15) at the age of 13.

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