Abigail Breslin: ‘I threatened to kill Dirty Dancing partner if he dropped me’


Actor Colt Prattes feared for his life while shooting the famous lift scene at the end of the new Dirty Dancing TV movie because his co-star threatened to kill him if he dropped her.

Colt takes on the role of Johnny Castle, which Patrick Swayze played in the beloved 1987 film, opposite Abigail Breslin’s Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman in the new revamp, and the actress admits she piled the pressure on her dance partner as they prepared for the (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life finale scene.

Dirty Dancing
Artisan Entertainment via Everett Collection

“There was this weight of everyone loving it so much,” Abigail told TV Insider. “Just being graceful is a big enough feat for me, but being graceful while in the air? It was terrifying.

“We pulled it off, partially due to Colt’s talent, but also due to the fact that he knew I would murder him if he dropped me!”

The new Dirty Dancing film premieres on 24 May (17).

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