Actor Matt Lanter is a New Dad


Actor Matt Lanter is a first-time father.

The Timeless star’s wife Angela welcomed their daughter MacKenlee Faire Lanter on 30 December (17) in Los Angeles.

“The moment our daughter was lifted up and we laid eyes on her was incredible,” he tells People magazine. “As a dad, some of my most special moments so far are when she just lays her little body on my chest and falls asleep.”

MacKenlee arrived a week early, seven days before a planned Cesarean section.

“We headed to the hospital thinking it was probably false labour – nope,” Angela says. “She was on her way. Our doctor made our gentle Cesarean so special by allowing us to play our own music in the operating room, letting us witness her being born and giving me the privilege of skin to skin as soon as she was born.”

“(I was) nervous being in the operating room because it all feels so high-stakes surgical, (but I was fine after I) saw her and heard her cry for the first time,” the actor adds.

The couple wed in 2013.