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Actor Robert Knepper accused of sexual assault

Actor Robert Knepper has been accused of sexual assault by a top costume designer.
Susan Bertram tells The Hollywood Reporter she was harassed by the Prison Break star on the set of 1991 film Gas Food Lodging.
She tells the publication she “buried” the memory of her encounter with Knepper, who also appeared in The Hunger Games franchise and Transporter 3, “for a long time”, but now reveals he allegedly reached under her dress and grabbed her “as hard as he could” while she was dropping clothes off in his trailer.
Bertram also claims the actor made it clear he wanted to have sex with her.
“I flew out of that trailer as fast as I could,” she says. “I just kind of fell out the door, and landed in the dirt on my knees… I just sat there and cried for a while. My dress was torn, I was dirty. I just sat there and got myself together and went back to the wardrobe trailer.”
Susan’s then-assistant, Dominique DuBois, has corroborated the story, telling THR, “I remember Susan came in and she was visibly shaking. She told me he (Knepper) had forced himself on her. She was very upset, very shaken. I do remember that.”
Knepper and his representatives have yet to comment on the costume designer’s allegations.

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