Actress Amanda Barrie ‘terrified’ by electric shock

Veteran British actress Amanda Barrie is lucky to be alive after suffering an electric shock at her London home.
The star, 83, reveals she was briefly paralysed by a surge of electricity from the fuse box in her apartment earlier this month (Apr19), and she was convinced it would kill her.
“I was in my flat in London and the electrics tripped,” she told the U.K.’s Sunday Mirror. “I went to put it on, I was touching a lamp behind it. I was pinned by both arms to the wall by the electricity going through me.”
The former Coronation Street actress, who also appeared in two Carry On comedy films, was left “terrified” by the ordeal, and was hospitalised after shouting for help from a neighbour, who called emergency services.
“My hair stood slightly on end. I lit up the West End,” she quipped. “I was lucky…”