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Actress Fischer was jailed for running a stop sign

A warrant for the actress’ arrest was issued after she failed to show before a judge while she was studying for her finals at a college in Missouri, and two officers turned up at her apartment to arrest her.

She was handcuffed, taken to a nearby police station and booked – and she was so tired after a long night of cramming for her exams she asked if she could sleep in a holding cell while she waited for one of her college professors to arrive and bail her out.

Fischer recalls, “I asked, ‘Do you have a holding cell?’ And they (officers) said, ‘We do but there’s someone in there and we don’t think you wanna be in there’.

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“I’m really tired, so I say, ‘I think I do… I wanna just lay down for a minute’. They say, ‘Well he’s been booked for assault’. And I go, ‘What kind of assault?’ And they say, ‘With a bow and arrow’.”

Fischer decided to stay awake in the reception area and then came up with a fun idea to pass the time – she posed for a second mugshot that she had printed on a coffee cup for her father at Christmas.

She adds, “The mug said, ‘Daddy’s little girl’.”

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