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Actress Lisa Spoonauer died of natural causes – report

Clerks actress Lisa Spoonauer reportedly died of natural causes after years of battling a chronic illness.
Spoonauer, best known for playing Caitlin Bree in Kevin Smith’s 1994 cult movie, passed away on Saturday (20May17) at her home in Jackson Township, New Jersey at the age of 44.
The local coroner’s office has now disclosed to People.com that she died of natural causes. She had been battling an unspecified chronic illness for years prior, according to the publication.
Her brother Mike set up a Just Giving fundraising page following her death to help raise money for the Patient Advocate Foundation.
“Our sister Lisa, if she had gotten better, was going to devote the rest of her life to fighting for those with chronic illness who didn’t have the strength or the resources to get the right answers and ultimately obtain the correct course of treatment for themselves,” he wrote on the page.
Sources close to the family told TMZ.com Lisa was actually battling several chronic illnesses for 10 years and some could be described as degenerative. They report that the family was shocked by her death because they never realised her condition was bad enough to kill her.
Smith wrote an emotional message about the actress on Instagram on Tuesday. According to a 2014 Facebook post, he had given Spoonauer a “truckload of money” so she could get treatment at a specialist clinic in Minnesota.
She explained she was going there to “continue care, have procedures and the surgery that resulted in the biggest breakthrough to date in the degenerative and painful rare conditions that have taken so much from me and family.”
She is survived by husband Tom Caron and daughter Mia, and will be remembered by friends and family at a ceremony in New Jersey this Friday.

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