Adam Driver: ‘We celebrated mini milestone on Don Quixote set’


The cast of Terry Gilliam’s long-awaited movie The Man Who Killed Don Quixote celebrated when they completed the first week of filming.

Monty Python legend Terry has been working on the film, based on Miguel de Cervantes’ 17th century novel, since 1989, though he has faced a series of setbacks including flash floods on location, scheduling conflicts and budget issues.

But finally, after nearly 30 years, the feature is completed. It began hitting cinemas in May (18), with Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce as lead characters Toby Grisoni and Don Quixote. Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, John Cleese and John Hurt were all among the actors previously cast in the two roles.

“Well, we had a celebration when we passed the first week!” Adam told British newspaper Metro. “The first time they only shot a week’s worth of footage, so even getting past the first week was a victory.

“I had this experience with (Martin) Scorsese. He tried to make Silence for 20 years. Even when we went to go make it, we had to delay six months. Honestly, I think of every movie that’s being made as a little miracle.”

Since landing the part of Adam in Lena Dunham’s hit TV show Girls, the 34-year-old actor has become one of Hollywood’s most exciting new talents.

But the Star Wars star, who was in the U.S. Marine Corps before following a career in acting, is still trying adjust to his fame.

“When people notice you, or when you’re aware of the loss of your anonymity, that’s a weird thing too. That’s a direct conflict with what your actual job is. Your actual job is to be a spy, live life, have experiences and be anonymous. Suddenly you’re at some place and people are looking at you… how do you not feel self-conscious? I don’t know how to do that,” Adam admitted.