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Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller roughed each other up in movie fight

Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller left one another battered and bruised after filming a brotherly fight scene in new movie The Meyerowitz Stories.
The longtime pals star as half-brothers in director Noah Baumbach’s latest project, about a dysfunctional New York family, led by patriarch Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson as his third wife.
The movie premiered to rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Sunday (21May17), and during a press conference, Adam and Ben admitted their little rough and tumble on set got a bit out of hand.
“That fight scene was rougher than I wanted it to be,” Sandler confessed. “Ben has a more solid body than I was expecting. It wasn’t very easy.”
“There was no rehearsal at all,” Stiller continued of the low-budget production. “We just let it happen. And Noah does like to do a lot of takes. He does a lot of takes. We definitely hurt a little.”
But Sandler insisted he suffered the worse of it: “You hurt me more,” he told Stiller. “I had one of the biggest bruises I’ve ever had in my life on my arm and by, like, take 34 I was saying, ‘Hey Ben, just so you know, right here hurts me a lot. If you could start the fight off in the middle of the chest area, that would help me.’ And then Noah would call ‘action’ and then bam! I’d be like, ‘I don’t think he heard me! He went straight to the bruise!'”
The Meyerowitz Stories screened in competition for Cannes’ top prize, the Palme d’Or.

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