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Adele helps fan propose at tour opener

Adele kicked off her world tour by helping a female fan propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day (29Feb16).
The Hello star opened her tour at the SSE Arena Belfast in Northern Ireland on Monday and before the show, the 27-year-old admitted to the crowd she was suffering from “severe bowel movements” due to nerves.
“This is my first time in an arena ever,” she shared. “I have actually been s**tting myself all day, literally. I’ve had severe bowel movements. When I came up that f**king stage in the dark, oh my God, I thought I was going to die.
“I woke up this morning sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger. My voice was so deep because I slept with the air con on. And then I had bowel movements because of tonight. Then Gatwick (airport) closed and I thought my boyfriend wasn’t going to get here on time. I’ve had an Imodium (diarrhoea remedy) so it’s going to be alright!”
However, Adele eventually grew comfortable with the crowd and even helped a fan propose to her boyfriend as part of a leap year tradition, where the roles are reversed and the woman pops the question to her man.
During the concert, a woman revealed she had proposed to her boyfriend earlier in the day, but he replied, “Maybe in a little while.” Adele was not happy with his answer and scolded him, saying, “You have to say yes, or (the crowd) is going to turn on you!”
She then had the audience chant, “Come on, Neil!”, as he finally accepted his girlfriend’s proposal, prompting Adele to jump for joy. At the end of the show, the superstar admitted her nerves had completely calmed.
“This was the best way to kick off our world tour,” she told the crowd. “I could get used to this.”
She will return to the SSE Arena Belfast for a second date on Tuesday night (01Mar16), before moving on to Dublin, Ireland on Friday (04Mar16). She wraps up the European leg of her tour with gigs in Antwerp, Belgium in June (16), before heading to Saint Paul, Minnesota to launch her North American dates in July (16).

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