Adrien Brody and Ken Jeong sign on for Charlie Day’s El Tonto


Adrien Brody and Ken Jeong have signed on to star in Charlie Day’s El Tonto.

The Hollywood actors will feature in the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star’s feature directorial debut, according to Deadline. It is not known what roles Brody and Jeong will take on.

In El Tonto, Day will portray lead character The Fool, who has been described as a simple-minded guy who becomes an unlikely Hollywood celebrity.

Other stars to join the cast include film veteran Ray Liotta, Vikings actor Travis Fimmel, Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris and Devious Maids star Edy Ganem.

Previously, it was announced that Kate Beckinsale would portray an actress in the movie, while Jason Sudeikis will play a director. Jillian Bell, John Malkovich and Edie Falco will also appear. El Tonto is due to begin shooting in Los Angeles this month (Oct18).