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Adventurer Ralston has high praise for Franco’s film

Franco plays Ralston in the film, 127 Hours, and the real adventurer, who was forced to amputate his own arm to escape his crevice hell in 2003, insists no other actor could have given the film such honest intensity.

He tells WENN, “I was crying within moments from when the boulder falls on him and from that point all the way through. At the moment of liberation, where he cuts off his arm, I was sitting there snacking on my popcorn and everyone else was gripped in their seats.

“I was watching it and thinking, ‘Wow, that’s really well done.’ It’s very authentic to what I went through.

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“You go through the entrapment and you want him to cut his arm off. This is a euphoric experience, as maniacal as it kind of was; I was smiling as I cut my arm off and I really lobbied for that smile, even just for a glimpse – that this is a happy thing. It’s an experience that the audience is grateful for and that I was grateful for to get out of there.”

But he’s not sure Franco was 100 per cent perfect as his movie self: “I think James is much more charming in the film than maybe I personally am.”

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