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Advertisers still gun shy

While television networks may have been ready to begin airing ads again, advertisers were not. Some ad buyers suggested that the climate was simply not right for product ballyhoo; others wanted time to review the content of their current campaigns to make certain that there was nothing in them that would upset viewers. (Scenes that included the World Trade Center towers were either being digitally edited to remove the towers or were being reshot.)

Coca-Cola indicated that it has halted its entire ad campaign, which features the tagline: “Life tastes good.” Reporting on the soft-drink maker’s decision, today’s Wall Street Journal commented that Coke is considering whether it should de-emphasize the “Life tastes good” tagline “when life is anything but.” Today’s New York Times, observing that it will not be easy to lure advertisers back to TV, quoted Fox Broadcasting’s sales chief Jon Nesvig as saying, “The airlines and the financial services guys don’t really want to go on the air, and the people with the happy-life commercials don’t want to be there. … People are trying to make sure their commercials are as appropriate as can be.” Many television outlets filled commercial minutes with appeals for the American Red Cross disaster relief effort.

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