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Akon has some advice for Dr. Luke

Akon has addressed Kesha’s contract battle with Dr. Luke, calling on the producer to let the singer go.
During an interview with TMZ.com at Los Angeles’ LAX airport on Monday (29 March 16), the outspoken singer-songwriter offered some wise words to both parties.
The R&B star, who worked with Dr. Luke on rapper Flo Rida’s Who Dat Girl track in 2010 appealed to the superstar producer to cut Kesha some slack and release her from her contract with Sony, which she first signed with him a decade ago.
“I wouldn’t want to keep an artist a part of my label if she doesn’t want to be there,” said Akon, “It only creates more problems as it’s doing now because think about it, if the assault situation sticks Dr Luke’s career is over.”
We R Who We R singer Kesha, 29, has accused Dr. Luke of drugging and raping her leaving her emotionally unfit to fulfil her her contract with the label.
She is now seeking a court injunction allowing her to make an album outside of Sony and for a preliminary injunction to prevent music bosses from forcing her to work with Dr. Luke after losing a court battle to free herself from her contract.
Dr. Luke claims his former protege has made up the abuse allegations just to free herself from her contractual obligations.
Though he had a hard time believing the Sony producer is a rapist, Akon said he doesn’t want to suggest Kesha is lying.
“I can’t see it happening personally but nowadays you just never really know,” he said. “I don’t want to discredit Kesha either because she could be a legitimate victim.”
Akon is one of many celebrities who have publicly offered their support to Kesha.
“If I was Dr. Luke I would just release her and let her live her life the way it should be,” he added. “You know, I wouldn’t hold her to a contract especially if I wasn’t going to do business with her.”

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