Alan Rickman rewrote ‘terrible’ Robin Hood lines

ALAN RICKMAN asked a friend to rewrite his lines for his role as the Sheriff of Nottingham in ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES because the script was so “terrible”.
The Harry Potter star played the villain opposite Kevin Costner in the 1991 movie, and he has now revealed he enlisted his playwright pal Peter Barnes to revamp the screenplay because he was so unhappy with the dialogue in one particular scene.
The pair hatched the plan in a branch of U.K. restaurant chain Pizza Express and Rickman later took his ideas to director Kevin Reynolds, who agreed to film the revised version.
Speaking at a career retrospective event in London, Rickman explains, “I said (to Barnes), ‘Will you have a look at this script because it’s terrible, and I need some good lines’. So he did, and, you know, with kind of pizza and bacon and egg going all over the script… Nobody knew this (filming the revised scene) was happening except him (Reynolds). And I knew it worked because as I cleared the camera I saw about 80 members of the crew just (start laughing).”