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Alec Baldwin feared Beetlejuice would be a ‘career-ending’ movie

Alec Baldwin didn’t anticipate the success of Beetlejuice when he signed on to appear in the iconic Tim Burton flick.

The 61-year-old starred in the 1988 offbeat classic, which follows a young married couple who become ghosts after they both die in a car accident. When their much-loved home is sold to an annoying family, they enlist the help of a devious poltergeist named Beetlejuice to help them reclaim the property.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the star confessed he initially didn’t understand the unusual film, and was concerned it wouldn’t translate to audiences.
“When we did Beetlejuice, I had no idea what it was about. I thought my, all of our, careers are going to end with the release of this film. Maybe we’re all going to be dead,” he recalled.

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While filming the movie – which stars Michael Keaton as the quirky Beetlejuice – Baldwin also confessed he was in awe of the actor’s presence on set, and shared that the star encouraged him to let go of his inhibitions.
“Michael came and he knew the secret because I would act and I would have some doubt,” he shared. “I was much more neurotic about what I would do when I was very young starting out in films (but) Keaton just came out, he was like the comedy Annie Oakley.
“He was so self-assured. He just tore it up,” the 30 Rock star gushed.

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