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Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu dismisses ‘mean-spirited’ Oscars snub

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu has denied shunning costume designer Jenny Beavan at the 88th Academy Awards.
A viral video of Sunday’s (28Feb16) event features The Revenant director sitting with his arms crossed as the clothier walked up to the stage to collect the Best Costume Design Oscar for her work on Mad Max: Fury Road.
A number of viewers commenting on the Internet clip accused Inarritu of scowling at the unconventionally-dressed outfitter, bashing him for refusing to applaud, but the Mexican filmmaker insists that wasn’t the case.
“I think Jenny Beavan is a masterful costume designer and very deserving of the Oscar for Mad Max: Fury Road,” he stresses in a statement released to U.K. newspaper The Guardian on Thursday (03Mar16). “By editing and omitting the full reality (in the viral Internet video) and suggesting I felt anything but admiration is mean-spirited and false. What you don’t see in the 10-second clip being circulated is my applause for Jenny as she ascended the stairs to the stage.”
Inarritu, who walked away with the Best Director Oscar for the second consecutive year on Sunday, believes taking things at face value has become rampant in the media.
“I’ve learned a lot this awards season… that I should never cross my arms when I am sitting down,” he scoffs.
Beavan’s laid-back appearance at the Oscars was criticised by some, who thought she was underdressed for the black tie event.
However, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Beavan, who is now a two-time Oscar winner, made it clear she doesn’t care what others think about her Academy Awards attire.
“I am British with a slightly rebellious character; I always have been,” she shared. “What I was actually wearing at the Oscars was sort of an homage to Mad Max – a kind of biker outfit. And George (Miller, director) loved it. The (vegan) leather jacket had the Immorten Joe symbol on the back and I was just giving a little wink to Mad Max.”

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