Alison Brie got angry and rapped about genitals at GLOW audition


Actress Alison Brie is convinced she landed the lead in Netflix’s new all-female wrestling drama Glow by improvising a rap about genitals in her audition.

The former Mad Men star plays an out-of-luck actress who becomes the star of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) league, a real-life televised fighting organization from the mid-1980s, and insists the only reason she was picked as the new show’s leading lady was because she went further than most in her audition.

Appearing on America’s Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday (18Jul17), Alison explained, “As part of the audition, they (casting directors) said, like, ‘You’re gonna come in and do something like this’, and included a video of this rap (from the GLOW show).”

Brie got into character as a mad Russian fighter and gave it her best shot.

“They had sample rap lyrics and also told us we could improvise…,” she recalled. “I think I got the job because of my improv… I was basically rhyming ‘Natasha and Boris’ with ‘Step on your clitoris’.”

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