Alison Brie once had her own Pretty Woman shopping moment


Alison Brie once had her very own “Pretty Woman moment” when she was shopping in Washington D.C.

In the 1990 movie, Julia Roberts‘ character Vivian is rejected and humiliated by the snooty salespeople in an expensive Rodeo Drive boutique, only to return the next day dressed in classy designer clothes, where she triumphantly proclaims it was a “big mistake” to refuse to serve her.

And GLOW star Alison has now shared that she had a very similar retail experience in her earlier acting days.

“I do remember one time when I was randomly with a friend in D.C., we went into a sunglasses store and had a very Pretty Woman moment. We were like, ‘How much are these?’ And the woman who worked there said, ‘They’re very expensive,'” the 35-year-old recalled. “I was just like, ‘Well, I’ll take two pairs.’ We were a little drunk – we had had mimosas at brunch – and we bought these sunglasses and wore them all week. They were one of the most expensive things I’d ever bought at that time; this probably was during my first season of (comedy series) Community.”

Though Alison was pleased that she “showed” the shop assistants, in hindsight, she admitted that the sunglasses are her most regrettable purchases to date.

“We got home and I was like, ‘These sunglasses are so ugly.’ Like, what a point to prove,” she laughed. “I just had to give her commission on those sunglasses. It was a weird stand to take.”

Aside from this outlandish splurge, the Mad Men actress insisted that she was brought up to “be very frugal” with her money, but husband Dave Franco has since encouraged her to treat herself once in a while.

“I think Dave has taught me how to spend my money well, which is kind of a nice thing,” she smiled.