Alison Brie was Once Too Much of a ‘Snob’ to Consider TV


Alison Brie dreamed of becoming a movie star as a drama student, not a TV actress.

The 34-year-old actress has made her mark on the small screen thanks to roles in the likes of Mad Men, Community and Netflix show GLOW, about a women’s professional wrestling team the 1980s.
Alison’s performance as Ruth, an actress turned fighter, in GLOW has scooped her top nominations at 2018’s Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards, but she admits she was originally against a career in TV.

“I was such a snob when I was in theatre school; I never thought I would do TV,” she laughed to The Edit. “(But) this job has completed me in so many ways. I don’t just feel proud of my work, I feel proud of the show and what it is – that it is representative of powerful women, women creating their own way and finding success for themselves. Maybe in my mind I had this dream of being a movie star, but as the dream has become realised, I’m like, ‘Oh, no, this is the dream.’”

That’s not to say Alison hasn’t had success in film too, and her most recent movie, The Disaster Artist, has won critical acclaim all over the globe. It’s based on a book about the making of cult film The Room, and also stars her husband Dave Franco and his brother James.

She describes the shoot as “very special” as it allowed her to spend quality time with her spouse and brother-in-law, despite it being a last minute casting.

“Maybe two weeks before they started filming they were like, ‘Oh, do you want to play Dave’s girlfriend?’ And I said, ‘Why not?’” she smiled.

Her next big project is biographical drama The Post, which is hotly tipped for Oscars success, about journalists at The Washington Post who uncovered the United States government’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

“It’s Steven Spielberg, it’s Meryl Streep, it’s Tom Hanks… It’s just super surreal,” she gushed of her director and co-stars.