Amber Heard bored of ‘dumb blonde’ stereotypes


Amber Heard is adamant it is time to “retire” stereotypes about blonde women.

The actress has experimented with her hair colour many times over the course of her career, having previously sported brunette locks and even a red wig for her role as Mera in the new Aquaman film.

However, Amber always ends up returning to her signature bright blonde shade, and has now insisted she’s fed up of being judged by her hair colour.

“It’s time for all the cliches about blondes to step aside,” she said in an interview with “It’s time to retire stereotypes about blondes – or any woman’s hair colour, for that matter.”

Amber was named as a global brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris last May (18) and is currently fronting the beauty brand’s #OWNINGIT campaign for Superior Preference hair dye, alongside fellow actresses Courteney Cox and Julianne Moore.

The star sports flowing light gold locks in the marketing imagery, and went on to explain that the concept genuinely resonated with her.

“As I get older, I feel more and more aligned with owning my hair colour, no matter what colour it is. It feels less as though I’m trying to carry around others’ expectations – or my expectations of others’ impressions of me – based on my physical appearance, and instead I’m truly owning my own colour, and whatever I want that colour to be,” the 32-year-old commented.