America Ferrera Won’t be Naming her First Baby After ‘a Land Mass’


America Ferrera wants to give her baby a more traditional name than her own.

The Superstore actress and her husband Ryan Piers Williams announced on New Year’s Eve (31Dec17) that they are expecting their first child.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday (03Jan18), host Stephen questioned America on whether she had chosen a name for the impending arrival. And she explained that she hadn’t settled on a moniker yet but shared that she isn’t planning to give the baby a name inspired by “a land mass or an idea”.

“I’m going to go with no. I love my name now, but growing up with the name America is not easy, and I don’t want to put that on my child, because I know what that feels like,” the 33-year-old said. “So, I’m going to go with something that’s more like a name.”

America and Ryan shared their happy news with friends and family last weekend with a festive party. And while her pregnancy meant that she didn’t feel like partying, Ryan ensured the gathering had a fun vibe anyway.

“I feel really good. You know, aside from a completely sober New Year’s Eve, it’s going really well,” she smiled.”I did not hit the clubs, but my dear husband built me a club in the apartment, which just means, like, he got lights and a fog machine. But I was stone cold sober, so it just kind of felt like a Junior High party.”