Amityville Horror Man Blasts Remake As “Drivel”

The original owner of the Amityville Horror house has blasted the remake of the
movie after producers refused to call on his services as a consultant.

George Lutz was the victim of the real-life horror tale about the possessed
New York state home, and turned his terrible tale into a cult book, on which
the original 1979 film was based.

But Lutz is far from impressed with the new Andrew Douglas film, which comes out this weekend, claiming the director ignored his offers of help and, as a result, has made a purely fictional film.

Lutz tells movie website MovieHole.Net, “I was excluded from any
participation that might have allowed for accurate depictions in this film.

“There is a craft to acting… Some actors are more serious about their art.
They take time to research a part. In the case of retelling an actual event,
they look into the history and research the people involved. That just didn’t
happen here.

“Based on what I’ve read from his interviews, this kid (Scott Kosar) thinks
his script is the true story because that’s what he’s been told. He’s quite
happy to look no further than that.”

“A tremendous disservice has been orchestrated here. The filmmakers have
fabricated many incredibly inaccurate statements made during promotion
interviews and press packs. These serve to misinform with a drivel that is pure
sophistry. I am appalled at the lack of personal integrity in the name of hype
and promotion.”

“This (film) is supposed to be about my family and the 28 days we lived in
the house, instead it is something formed in the minds of others not concerned
with anything more than box office numbers and self import.”

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