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Amy Adams confirms American Hustle director made her cry

Amy Adams was reduced to tears “most” days by director David O’ Russell on the set of movie American Hustle.
The moviemaker’s behaviour towards the American actress was first exposed in leaked emails following the Sony Pictures Entertainment database hack in November (14), published by WikiLeaks last year (15).
An email revealed O’ Russell, who has a reputation for being difficult to work with, “so abused” Amy during the shoot that “Christian Bale got in his face and told him to stop acting like an a**hole”.
“He did (make me cry),” she confirmed to Britain’s GQ magazine. “I was really just devastated on set. I mean, not every day, but most.”
Comparing herself to co-star Jennifer Lawrence, Amy admitted she was not as strong as her co-star, who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Joy, her third film with O’ Russell.
“Jennifer doesn’t take any of it on. She’s Teflon (non-stick). And I am not Teflon. But I also don’t like to see other people treated badly.. It’s not OK with me. Life to me is more important than movies. It really taught me how to separate work and home. Because I was like, I cannot bring this experience home with me to my daughter.”
During the Sony Pictures hack, it was revealed that both actresses were paid much less than their male co-stars, including Bradley Cooper.
Jennifer later wrote an open letter addressing the gender pay gap scandal, insisting she did not know her salary was lower and was annoyed at herself for not negotiating for more because she did not want to appear difficult.
Amy reveals she was aware of the pay gap before she signed onto the project. “Yeah, I did (know),” she adds. “I didn’t speak about it before and I’m probably not going to speak about it forever, because I disagreed with… not Jennifer per se, but people who had opinions on how women should go about negotiating.”
And as for Jennifer failing to get a good deal, Amy’s opinion differs. “The truth is we hire people to negotiate on our behalf, men and women… I knew I was being paid less and I still agreed to do it because the option comes down to do it or don’t do it.”
Amy originally pulled out of an appearance on a U.S. talk show in December, 2014, because she did not want to talk about the pay scandal.

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